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Venus & Braves Producer Wants to Make Sequel

Kentaro Kawajima also says remake of Seven could be possible of Venus & Braves PSP port sells.

We could see more from the series if Venus & Braves is a success.

Dengeki has posted an interview with Venus & Braves producer Kentaro Kawajima and character designer Mamoru Takahashi. The two discussed the PSP remake, which hits retail next week, and also opened up about desires for future titles in the series.

Venus & Braves is in a series of titles that includes Seven. Both were originally made for the PlayStation 2.

Kawajima told Degenki that he'd personally like to make a sequel in the series. The thing that left him most unsatisfied after making the two games was that they weren't able to portray the characters as "truly living." The reason for this is that they're NPCs, so they're not living. He said that he'd definitely like to make a network-based game that makes you think the characters are truly alive.

Kawajima also joked that a PSP remake of Seven would also be possible depending on sales of the Venus & Braves port.

The Dengeki interview is full of insights into the PSP remake, so Japanese readers should check it out.

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