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3DS Splinter Cell and Rabbids Time Travel Dated

System's march lineup begins to fill up thank to Ubisoft.


3DS's March lineup continues to fill up. The latest contributor is Ubisoft which today set release dates for Splinter Cell 3D and Rabbids Time Travel. The former will arrive on March 17, with the latter due on March 24. Both are priced ¥5,040.

Splinter Cell 3D is based off 2005 PlayStation 2 title Splinter Cell Chaos Theory. It makes use of 3D effects for maps and other areas and promises to deliver a more thrilling "stealth action" component. The game also adopts the Visual Message system that was featured in Splinter Cell Conviction.

Rabbids Time Travel is a side scrolling action game where the characters and maps are all in 3D. The Rabbids, out as usual for world domination, have made use of a time machine shaped like a washing machine to travel back into the past and cause havoc. You'll need to jump to avoid traps and you collect coins and items as you aim to clear the stages of play.

Ubisoft has quickly become the 3DS's top 3rd party supplier. In addition to these two, the publisher has Combat of Giants Dinosaur 3D due out at launch on February 26.

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