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Earth Defense Forces 2 Portable Totally Dated

D3 makes an official announcement about the PSP title and its unbelievable special package.


Famitsu.com accidentally let slip a release date for Earth Defense Forces 2 yesterday, then quickly deleted its story. It looks like the date was actually supposed to have gone out today, as D3 has made an official announcement.

As reported yesterday, the latest PSP EDF game will arrive on April 7, priced at the usual PSP going price of ¥5,040.

D3 has a somewhat unbelievable special package planned for the game. The "Double Nyuutai Pack" (this can maybe translate as "Double Enlistment Pack") includes two full copies of the game in their original packaging for ¥6,279. That's right, you get two copies of the game for ¥3,801 less than buying the two games separately. The catch is that there will be only one print run of the special pack, so you'd better get it while it lasts!

It's presumable that D3 is holding this special offer to make the game more readily playable in multiplayer mode. One of the main selling points for the game is its support for four player cooperative play.

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