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Konami Seeking Next Generation Metal Gear Solid Staff

Do you have what it takes to make the next Metal Gear?


Kojima Productions has posted a job listing seeking "Next Generation Metal Gear Solid Series Production Staff." The listing seeks planners, programmers and CG designers.

Under the planner category, the listing has slots for general planners, level designers and scripters. Under the programmer category are slots for graphics, network, plug-ins, audio and game character. Under the CG designer category are slots for concept art, 3D character modeling, 3D stage modeling, 3D character motion design, event scene production, effect production and interface design.

The programming category asks for people with experience on PC/PS3/Xbox360. The "graphics" listing seeks people who are interested in conducting research into next generation CG. The "network" listing calls for, as primary work, the development of the basic systems for server side and game side networking in online games.

The listings are for development of "consumer game content," meaning consoles or portables, just in case you thought Kojima Productions was going to make the next generation Metal Gear a browser game.

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