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Macross Triangle Frontier Update

The latest gameplay details and screens for PSP's new Macross game.


Namco Bandai shared a billion pics of Macross Triangle Frontier today. You might have viewed them in our image gallery. Here are some textual details to go along with the shots.

The screens show new actions, new modes of play and the latest mecha.


Triangle Frontier adds a number of new actions to the series, including Single Lock, Plus Lock and Charge Break.

Single Lock lets you lock all your targets on to a single enemy, allowing you to concentrate all your missiles for massive damage.

Plus Lock can be used when you're using a fighter capable of multi lock on. By pressing and holding the attack button, you can increase your attack power up to three time. Of course, this takes some charging time, but it can lead to a powerful attack, especially if paired with Single Lock.

Charge Break makes your fighter invincible for a limited time at the expense of wiping out your SP gauge. You can use this to flee from enemy attacks, but you can't attack while it's engaged. It should be used as a last resort, it seems.


All the gameplay systems and features from the previous Frontier game return, of course, Here's a look:

SP Attack: Use your SP gauge for a powerful attack that varies depending on the machine.

Group SP Attack: Team up with your support planes for a simultaneous SP attack.

Anti Missile Action: Automatically lock on to enemy missiles and take them out. Depending on your fighter's current mode, you'll see different actions.

Support Character & Command Skill: Before heading out on missions, you select a support character. You can give commands to this character during battle.

Equipment & Purge: Depending on the fighter, you can equip yourself with armor before heading out to battle. During battle, you can purge your fighter of the equipment to match the current situation.

Real Flight Controls: You can play the game using flight simulator controls.


Triangle Frontier adds a new, unlockable "Survival Mode." This mode, which targets experienced players, allows you to play all the missions from a given Macross era from beginning to end.


As with past entries, Triangle Frontier has "Extra Missions." Here's a look at three:

Extra Mission Kakizaki:

Extra Mission Bajura Queen:

Extra Mission Choujukuu Yosai wo Koete:


Here's a look at the latest machines:

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