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Marvel vs Capcom 3 -- Latest Characters and e-Capcom Bonus

Plus, hints at a character reveal for next week.


Capcom provided the latest screenshots for Marvel vs Capcom 3 today, and also hinted at more characters to come shortly.

Have a look at Phoenix and Haggar, along with the game's e-Capcom bonus, below.


Appears from X-Men. During combat, Phoenix uses the telepathic and telekinetic powers she gained when she was bathed in cosmic radiation.


Appears from Final Fight. He was a former pro wrestler, but is now mayor of Metro City, which is being threatened by the crime group Mad Gear. Not surprisingly, Haggar uses pro wrestling and other power-based moves.


Capcom's e-commerce site will be giving away a Comic/Artbook bonus item. This 48-page book includes promotional illustrations from Capcom and Marvel illustrators as well as other illustrators like Bengus and Kinu Nishimura. The comic has an original story and artwork. All text is in English.

Overseas, this item will be included in the Marvel vs Capcom 3 Fate of Two Worlds Collectors Edition limited edition. In Japan, all e-Capcom buyers get the bonus.


In other Marvel vs Capcom 3 news, the latest post at the official blog says that the next "XXX" will be announced next week. "XXX" is just enough characters for the Japanese short form of "character," so perhaps there's some big news to look forward to. The blog also says that this month will see "full volume" on character reveals, so it would make sense for things to get started next week.

For those in the Osaka area, Marvel vs Capcom 3 will be playable at the World Hobby Fair this Saturday. The game's ROM will have 30 characters. The World Hobby Fair will continue on to other areas of Japan in subsequent weeks.

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