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More Last Story Videos Coming Next Week

Sakaguchi to show off the game's various components through a set of videos.

One more look at The Last Story ahead of release.

That Last Story live presentation Nintendo held a couple of weeks back was pretty neat. And just ahead of the game's January 27 release, Nintendo will be giving us more -- not through a "presentation," though, but through a "demonstration."

The game's official site was updated with a schedule of videos which will show director Hironobu Sakaguchi playing the game. These will highlight key areas.

To view the videos, access this page according to the following schedule:

  • January 20, 14:00: Gathering
  • January 21, 14:00: Battle System
  • January 24, 14:00: Ruli City

If you simply must see Sakaguchi play The Last Story now, visit The Last Story Presentation page, which has a full streaming version of the Presentation from December 27th. While you watch, read our presentation live blog for some navigation.

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