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Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Has a Watch Mode

Retailer listing reveals a few exciting new features.

The map in the game's new RPG Mode.

Online retailer Gamestar has let slip some exciting new details about Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy in a new listing.

According to the retailer, the PSP sequel will add some tournament-style features. Multiple players will be able to take part in these, and those who aren't fighting will be able to view the current fight on their PSP.

Other features mentioned in the listing include:

The game will have improved wireless support. In addition to exchanging friend cards with other players, you'll be able to create and exchange original quests.

It was previously revealed that the story of the original Dissidia will be included in Duodecim and will be playable with Duodecim's new battle system. To access this, you'll need to clear Duodecim's story mode. The original's story has been updated with new short scenarios.

The previously announced RPG Mode will take you through a large world, with varying terrain, including snow fields, deserts and swamps with rainfall. As you advance in RPG Mode, you'll be able to form parties with your preferred characters.

Those who have the original Dissidia will see some bonuses. Importing your data from the original will allow you to carry your character level over. You'll also receive an accessory.

With Gamestar revealing all these features this week, let's hope we get some specifics in next week's batch of magazines, or at the very least at Square Enix's premier event on the 18th.

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