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Catherine: On Sheep and Choices

Our latest look at the game's nightmare component.


Today's update at the Catherine official site offers the latest screens and details on what awaits main character Vincent in the landing area after he successfully ascends the stairs during the game's "nightmare" action stages.

In last week's update, we got a look at the sheep salesmen, who will sell you new skills in exchange for coins that you collect during play. This week's details concern what looks like the method for progressing to the next stage of play, and a possible connection between the sheep people of the nightmare world and the people Vincent encounters in the Stray Sheep bar in the real world.

Far back in the landing area, you'll see the Confession Room. Go here, and Vincent will be asked multiple choice questions concerning his outlook on life and love. It's not totally clear what happens based off your response, but the choice will have consequences on how you progress. Perhaps this is how you go on to the next stage?

Some of the sheep Vincent encounters in his nightmares appear to resemble people he encounters in the Stray Sheep bar. It's possible that these sheep may have some connection with the bar patrons. If this is the case, it may be possible for Vincent to help the patrons clear their worries by listening closely to what the sheep have to say, and answering properly.

If some of this sounds familiar, it's because we posted a summary of a Famitsu article detailing the features back in December. See that article for more details.

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