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New Final Fantasy Versus XIII Trailer

Seven minute clip shows lots of gampeplay and debuts main character's voice.


While news of Final Fantasy XIII-2 and the Final Fantasy Agito XIII name change were big, the main attraction at today's Square Enix 1st Production Department Premier event was a new trailer for Final Fantasy Versus XIII. The near seven minute trailer closed off the press conference.

Square Enix says that it will be releasing high definition online versions of the event's trailers on the 27th (although the short FFXIII-2 clip will be available first on the 20th). However, the trailers were broadcast as part of the event's live stream, and because some viewers were thoughtful enough to press record (is that how it's done?), you can see the footage now.

Here's the Versus XIII trailer:

The trailer begins with someone calling out to "Prince Noctis," the game's main character. Noctis is in the rear seat of a car that's speeding down the highway, and his driver has apparently awakened him.

The car approaches an armed checkpoint but is quickly let through once the driver inputs something on the car's computer to make a barricade go down. Based off the digital readouts at the checkpoint, the area into which the car travels appears to be sealed off from general traffic.

One point of note in this opening passage is that we get to hear Noctis speak for the first time. This was one of the promises made by director Tetsuya Nomura in a recent interview.

In the second part of the trailer, the dialogue goes silent as Noctis and Stella speak to one-another at what looks like a high class party. Stella is the girl from past trailers, and the conversation she and Noctis have about their shared ability to see certain phenomenon was also seen in a past trailer. The scene has changed considerably, though, with some clear graphical updates. Stella looks like she's been given more life, and the backgrounds have more depth and detail.

For those watching the video above, here's what the scene looked like before:

Following the party scene, we see a man sitting in a seat that looks like a throne. Famitsu.com reports that this man is Noctics' father and the current King. This man says something to the effect of, "Unfortunately, you cannot become King. I will not give the thrown to anyone. My name will go down in history as the final King."

We were promised gameplay for this trailer, and that's just what we get after the party scene. The camera does a flyby through the city, ending up back in the party hall, and behind Noctis' back. It looks like the player has taken control here, leading Noctis through the party hall as soldiers break through the windows.

Subsequent footage shows Noctis in a party of what appears to be up to three characters, running through the city as it comes under attack, and engaging in high speed battle with soldiers and larger foes.

The short trailer form last year's Tokyo Game Show showed bits of a battle between Noctis and a large behemoth-like creature. In this trailer, the battles show a full party, along with actual menu icons. The icons on what seems like a command palette to the lower left of the screen list ""Magic," "Item," "Summon" and "EX-ARTS." To the lower right, you can see your party member's stats, including HP and MP. One notable point about the statistics icons is that they show the character's faces animating.

As for those party members, outside of Stella and Noctis, Square Enix has not formally introduced any characters for the game. However, you can make out a few names in the trailer, including a character named "Ignis."

The footage hints at more action than one might expect from an RPG. In addition to the characters making use of swords and guns, some sequences show Noctis boarding vehicles, including a tank and a bipedal mech. It looks like Noctis will have considerable firepower at his disposal.

But how will all this work out into a game? Unfortunately, the trailer was not accompanied by any details on the game. Tetsuya Nomura, surprisingly, ended up skipping out on the event. The event MCs, Kenichi Suzumura and Takahiro Sakurai (both of whom will be appearing as voice actors in Type 0), said that Nomura decided to convey his message through the video.

With around five minutes of gampeplay footage having now been shown, we're hoping Nomura will more clearly outline that message in future interviews.

Incidentally, the trailer closes with this:

It looks like Versus XIII is still a PlayStation 3 exclusive release. The trailer did not provide any indication of when that release will take place.

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