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3DS Lines Begin Now!

Early morning lines form as pre-orders kick off.


The 3DS doesn't launch for a little over a month. But people are already lining up for it.

Here's some proof that popped up on the old Twitter today:

First, outside of Shinjuku Yodobashi:

This next one was taken outside the Akihabara Yodobashi Camera at around 7:24. The person who posted the image says about 260 people were lined up.

Are these people planning on camping out for a month (making occasional trips to the local manga cafe for a shower)? Actually, these lines aren't for the 3DS itself, but for pre-orders. Nintendo officially kicked off pre-orders today at retailers nationwide.

Unconfirmed retail reports indicate that Nintendo will have 400,000 units available at launch on February 26. Nintendo has officially said that it will have 1.5 million systems shipped domestically by the March 31 end of the fiscal year.

[Seen at Hachimaki]

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