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A Stage Fit For Shigeru Miyamoto

Nintendo's top games guy hosts a creators talk event on what may be the world's biggest DSi.


From Famitsu.com's coverage of the Co-Festa PAO content festival, where Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto participated in a talk session titled "Miyamoto PAO" on the 19th.

That DSi (or is it a DSi LL.... LLLLLLLLLLL?) is not the stage's background -- it is the stage. Here's a pic of everyone sitting on seats placed on the screen.

A better version of stage would have had the buttons be the seats... but that would have required a larger auditorium.

For more pics from the event and a full (Japanese) summary, see Famitsu.com.

(Incidentally, the "PAO" in all the names stands for "Passionate," "Attractive" and "Original" ... no, Tetsuya Nomura had nothing to do with the event's naming.)

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