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NESiCAxLive King of Fighters Hit on the 24th

"Final Editions" of two Ultimate Match titles for Taito's arcade distribution system.


"New" arcade versions of King of Fighters are hitting on the 24th. New is in quotes because they're not totally new.

On the 24th, SNK Playmore will make available to arcade operators The King of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match Final Edition for NESiCAxLive and The King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match for NESiCAxLive. These are just versions of the classic Ultimate Match fighters for Taito's new NESiCA arcade download distribution system.

SNK Playmore says that the games have received some brush ups over the original releases, with adjustments to moves for all fighters -- enough to refer to the two games as "Final Editions." The games will also benefit from the NESiCA hardware's high speed I/O interface for a potentially more responsive play experience.

The two games will be compatible with the NESiCA IC card system for storing player data and records. SNK Playmore will be releasing original NESiCA IC cards themed around the games.

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