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3DS Demo Units Pop Up at Bic Camera

Yurakucho shop sees 250 preorders at opening time.

3DS on display at Bic Camera Yurakucho. (photo courtesy Bic Camera.)

I've seen plenty of press releases from game publishers. But I've never seen a press release from a games retailer -- until today. Electronics giant Bic Camera decided to send out a press release today to detail some of its early plans for the Nintendo 3DS.

Like other retailers, Bic started pre-orders for the system today at all its shops. And like other retailers, gamers lined up ahead of opening time.

According to the company's press release, the Bic Camera in Tokyo's Yurakucho area, a shop that's often used for official launch events, saw 200 people lined up by 9:45 when managers decided to begin taking pre-orders. By the time the shop opened its doors for normal business at 10:00, some 250 customers had put their names down for a system.

Bic was also able to acquire 3DS demo units. The Yurakucho shop has playable units on display in its game section on the second level basement floor, so those who were unable to try the system at Nintendo World or the World Hobby Fair can still get a sampling ahead of release.

Early morning lines and pre-orders.

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