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3DS Gundam Game Detailed

Namco Bandai delivers a Gundam game early on in the system's life.

You'll have to wait less than a month for Gundam on your 3DS.

Namco Bandai managed to get through a few weeks without giving us solid details on Gundam The 3D Battle, the 3DS's first Gundam game. Today, Famitsu.com delivered a full preview complete with plenty of screens and artwork.

Gundam The 3D Battle is the latest entry in the Gundam Battle series of action titles. Like its predecessors, it's being developed by Artdink.

The game will have units and missions pulled from Gundam Unicorn, Gundam I, Gundam II, Gundam III, Z Gundam Heir to the Stars, Z Gundam Lovers, Z Gundam Love is the Pulse of the Stars and Gundam Char's Counterattack (movie). This is just a partial list of titles, though.

You start off the game by creating an original pilot, setting name, affiliation, type, skills and other areas.

The game's mission mode offers missions that recreate passages from the above titles. You'll be able to acquire and customize new Mobile Suits.

You'll also find a Gallery Mode. This allows you to view all the Mobile Suits that appear in the game, complete with background details.

Gundam The 3D Battle will be available for 3DS on March 24, priced ¥6,090. Visit Famitsu.com for lots of screenshots.

Namco Bandai also opened an official site for the game today. You'll find the game's Nintendo World trailer at the site, so take a look go fight bravely!

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