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Sakaguchi Teaches Us About Gathering in The Last Story

Lots of gameplay footage of Wii's big RPG epic.


Nintendo had some comedians try to explain The Last Story's "Gathering" system (and they did quite a good job, if you ask me!). Now it's time for someone with a much thicker mustache to have a go at it.

Nintendo made available today the first of three "demonstration" videos at the game's official site. In this video, The Last Story director Hironobu Sakaguchi details the Gathering component. Different from the stage presentation from late last year, Sakaguchi appears to be in the comfort of his office for this clip.

The footage is super high quality and shows many other areas of the game like menus, the title screen, and even some event scenes. View it for yourself at the official site.

Videos for Battle System and Ruli City will follow respectively on the 21st and 24th.

Joining the demonstration video, Nintendo gave the game's official site a big update. You'll find lots of screenshots in the newly opened system and multiplayer sections.

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