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Now You Can Legally Watch the Final Fantasy XIII-2 Trailer

Scrutinize Lightning's mystery rival in high resolution.


Here's what the Final Fantasy XIII-2 official site looks like today.

See that little button at the bottom that says "Trailer?" That's Japanese for "Trailer."

Click it, and you'll get to see the game's 1st Production Department Premier teaser trailer in full resolution. Square Enix has released 640x360 and 1280x720 versions.

Those who've not played FFXIII may want to skip to the 40 second mark, as the trailer's opening moments show some flashbacks from the original.

The big point of note in the short trailer clip is the mysterious male warrior who appears at the end, apparently in battle with Lightning. He's a new character for FFXIII-2, but Square Enix has not disclosed his identity.

More details should be coming soon, though. Famitsu.com confirms today that next week's issue of Weekly Famitsu will have a look at FFXIII-2 and a developer interview.

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