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Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity Demo Gets an Update

Sega -- not Square Enix -- adds missions and modes to the demo... which is totally free, by the way.


If you haven't downloaded Sega's Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity demo, well why they hell not? It's got a ton of content, it's totally free, and, most importantly, it's a demo for a game that spells "fantasy" with a "ph."

You can add a bit more to that "ton of content" starting today. Sega made available some additional content for the demo. That's right, demos are getting updated nowadays.

The update adds two features.

First, there's "Infinity Grand Prix 1st Stage," a new mission. But not just any mission. This mission will be used at the game's National Fan Appreciation Festival 2011 tournament, which tours five cities starting on February 5. The preliminary rounds will be determined through this mission, so those who plan on participating will want to practice.

The other update is Infinity Trial License support. Obtaining this from PlayStation Store will let you play the demo's multiplayer component online.

You'll find more details on the demo at Sega's special site. That site has a full page for download content, so it looks like we can expect more mission downloads ahead of PSP2i's February 24 release date.

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