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Elemental Monster 100 Yen Period Extended

Hudson's PlayStation 3 online game the top ranking title four weeks in a row.


Hudson will be extending the ¥100 download period for PlayStation 3's Elemental Monster Online Card Game. Under the offer, the online card-based strategy game is available for download at ¥100 (booster card packs and online play tokens are sold separately). The offer was originally set to run for one month from the game's December 22 release date. The new end date is TBA.

It looks like Elemental Monster is proving a big success for Hudson, which is soon to be a wholly owned subsidiary of Konami. The company says that the game has captured the top spot in domestic weekly PSN download count rankings four weeks in a row. The game is also seeing strong response from players, scoring a user rating of 4.59 out of 5. Hudson also says that the game's biweekly online tournaments have been well received.

Coinciding with this announcement, Hudson shared some screens and card artwork, which you can see below.

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