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Kenka Bancho 5 Jeansmate T-shirts Hit Today

Buy collaborative t-shirts in Akihabara.


Casual clothing retailer Jeans Mate is one of about a billion collaborations Spike has cooking for Kenka Bancho 5. In fact, it was one of the earliest announced collaborations.

As previously detailed, the upcoming PSP title will have an in-game Jeans Mate shop where you'll be able to purchase Jeans Mate items for your character to wear.

The shop looks like this:

Today, a second phase of the collaboration took form. Jeans Mate shops in the real world began selling three Kenka Bancho 5 collaborative t-shirts, respectively called "Mukuro," "Paradise" and "K.M.A." Each shirt is available in black or white, priced ¥2,500.

You'll find the t-shirts at Jeans Mate Akiba in Akihabara, or at the Jeans Mate online shop.

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