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Akiba's Trip: The Underwear Explained

Acquire's new official site helps us close in on the mysterious underwear tease.


Acquire's teaser site for the game that would become Akiba's Trip looked like this back in December:

It's a picture of Akihabara with a pair of boxers on the street.

In this week's Flying Get, we learned why the Akihabara was there -- the game takes place in the Tokyo electronics capital.

But what about the underwear?

For that, we turn to the game's newly opened official site which looks like this:

That's Akihabara in the background, complete with familiar shops like LAOX and Sofmap. In the foreground is a vampire maid who's holding a pair of boxers.

While this doesn't really explain the significance of the underwear, at least it tells us that the game will have some sort of underwear component .

For details on Akiba's Trip, see this week's Flying Get. Famitsu.com has first screens.

Acquire has started up a campaign for the game. The company wants fans to create a line of dialogue to be used by the in-game NPCs who can be seen walking around Akihabara. The winning line could actually make it into the game.

Akiba's Trip is due for release on April 14.

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