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Noritaka Funamizu Details Earth Seeker

Craft & Meister's long awaited Wii RPG has a final date. Now get a new look.


Today's "Kadokawa Games Conference 2011 KICKOFF" press conference kicked off with a look at what will presumably be the publisher's first game once its new business strategy goes into effect in the new fiscal year.

Earth Seeker is one of those games that probably disappeared off most radars following its June announcement last year, but that could change now that it has a final release date. As announced at the press conference, the Wii RPG is due for April 7 release, priced at ¥7,140.

At the press conference, Kadokawa brought out Crafts & Meister CEO (and Street Fighter II designer) Noritaka Funamizu and Enterbrain's Hirokazu Hamamura (yes, the Famitsu guy) to introduce the game (Enterbrain is a Kadokawa group company, but Hamamura often appears at press conferences even for unrelated companies).

As previously detailed, Earth Seeker's background story begins as Earth is about to be destroyed. Humanity loads refugee ships with all of mankind's heritage -- everything from small paintings to buildings like the Eiffel Tower (the ships are pretty big). The ships end up crashing on a planet somewhere, and the precious cargo gets scattered. Your overall goal in the game is to collect all that cargo.

You can get the rest of the details in our article archive.

The concept of Earth Seeker, explained Funamizu, is "an action game that anyone can play." "I've been making nothing but hard action games and was told by light users that 'it's so tough that I can't play.' For some time now, I've wanted to make a game that even these people can play."

Funamizu held a live demonstration of many of the game's key systems, most notably the "Time Stop Battle" system where you and six tiny "Guardian" support characters face off against the beasts you encounter in the alien world. You can freeze the action at any time to give commands to the Guardians, even having them perform group magic attacks.

Earth Seeker will have a companion DSi Ware mini game called "Odekake! Earth Seeker." This app can be used to do such things as produce new items for use in the Wii version, and clean artifacts that you find along your adventure. Further details will be shared shortly.

Funamizu is currently going through a test play session to check the game. He said that he's managed to play for 60 hours and believes that he hasn't even reached the half-way point. It looks like there will be plenty of volume in this latest Wii RPG.

Closing off the Earth Seeker part of the presentation, Kadokawa Games revealed that it will be promoting the game through a commercial featuring comedian Black Mayonnaise.

To go along with these announcements, Kadokawa shared the game's latest trailer today. You can stream it here.

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