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The Last Story Gameplay System Screenshots

Have a look at equipment, items, the coliseum and more!


Nintendo updated The Last Story's official site with an all new "system" section, showing off many of the gameplay details we've been introduced to over the past couple of months. Here's some of what's said at the site, complete with screenshots. To get in the mood as you read this, open the Nintendo page and turn up your volume.


You can customize your character with equipment and armor. The customizations are shown not just during gameplay, but during event scenes as well.

Screenshots show that you can change color in the following areas: body, body sub, body armor, body accessory, pants, boots, leg armor, leg accessory and effect.

Another set of screens show how you can customize your character be removing individual parts -- your muffler, jacket, belt, gauntlet, shoulder armor and more. You can also select to strip your character down to underwear.

Here are some of the changes that result with main character Elza:

To add colors to your equipment, you'll need to purchase paint from a "Color Shop."

The customization screen has options for "LOAD" and "SAVE," so perhaps it's possible to save your customizations to individual files for easy access.

More details on customization and equipment here:


To strengthen your equipment, you head to Ruli City's Upgrade Shop. Upgrading requires different amounts of money and particular items depending on the weapon.

Some weapons and armor have "skills" associated with them. By equipping these items, your character will gain access to the skills. Fortifying your equipment could lead to new skills or changes to old ones. It's also possible that you'll end up getting a different equipment type as a result.

The above screenshots show an attempt at upgrading your Blood Sword weapon from level 5 to level 6. This brings about increases in attack and magic attack strength. To make the upgrade, you'll need 2,300 gold and an item called "Noble Ring" (which seems to be in abundant supply, as it looks like Elza has five in his posession).

When you select a weapon at the upgrade shop, you can see the special skills the weapon gives its bearer. The Blood Sword, for instance, absorbs 50% of damage when you're struck from behind. It also gives you a 5% chance of stealing an item from the enemy when you attack.

More details on equipment here:


Most of the items you find in treasure boxes and pick up after defeating enemies are random. Depending on your luck, you may end up with rare items.

Based off the screenshots at the site, it looks like the game shows a roulette of sorts when you open a treasure box.

You'll find that some items are marked with a question mark. You won't be able to equip these until you've had them appraised at Ruli City's Identify Shop.

Screenshots show the player attempting to identify two mysterious swords at the Identify Shop. The shop charges 100 gold for each identification. One of the swords ends up being "Killer Cutter."

More details on the game's item and appraisal systems here:


Here's one area that you might not have read about before. In the lower left corner of the screen, you'll sometimes see the word "SEEK." This means there's something in the area that you may want to look at. In this situation, you can press Z to look around.

The SEEK text may also sometimes pop up when you find an item that has fallen in the street. If you follow up on your initial find, you could end up getting rarer items. Screenshots show Elza running around town chaining together item finds, and getting pretty excited about it.

Note: The little picture-in-picture images in the right screen are navigation remnants from the official site. They're not part of the screenshot.


Head to Ruli City's coliseum, and you'll be able to take on monsters and other foes in battle. If you win these battles, you'll gain experience, money and items.

Outside town, you'll find spectators who've made bets on the fights. If you win a fight, you will receive presents from them.

During the fight, you'll hear color commentary. A screenshot shows the commentator saying "Team Elza -- Just look at their eyes!" This seems to be set up like someone is announcing the happenings of a sports event.

More details on the Coliseum here:

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