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3DS Animal Resort Gets a Final Name

Collect animal points by using the 3DS's gyro sensors to take pics of your animals.


Marvelous shared today a final name for what will likely become its first 3DS title. Animal Resort, first shown at September's Nintendo Conference, is now fully "Animal Resort: Doubutsuen wo Tsukurou!!," or "Animal Resort: Let's Make a Zoo."

To go along with the date, Marvelous shared the latest details, along with screens that for some reason only contain elephants.

In Animal Resort, you inherit a zoo from your grandfather and decide to reopen it even though you have just a single elephant. As you rebuild the zoo, you'll eventually collect more than 100 animals. You'll have to communicate with these animals to make visitors happy, further contributing to the zoo's revival.

Animal Resort is the latest 3DS game to use the system's gyro sensor for camera controls. Holding the system like a camera, you can engage in "Watching" over your animals (you can also just use the analogue pad if you want). If you keep the animal in your view, its vigor will rise.

If you take a photo of an animal that's in a vigorous state, you'll earn Animal Points. These can be exchanged for items and feed. You'll need to use the feed for "Feeding," to fill up your animals' tummies. Of course, animals have different feeding requirements.

The Animal Resort official site has been updated with the game's new name and logo. Although still in a teaser state, the site promises a full opening shortly.

Animal Resort is due for Spring release.

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