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Gal Gun Demo Available Today

Not just a demo, a Doki Doki Demo.


Alchemist's promised Gal Gun demo became available for download on Xbox Live Marketplace today. The demo is available exclusively for Gold Members at present. Silver Members will gain access on the 27th, the same day as Gal Gun's release.

The demo's full name is "Doki Doki Demo." If I recall correctly, Doki Doki is Japanese for the sound your heart makes. The demo will get your heart pumping through scenes like this:

The demo gives you access to the first two stages. In addition to shooting your pheromone gun at lots of girls, you'll be able to go into Doki Doki mode, where you're locked into a heated battle with a single girl and can blast them from all angles.

Here's what the status screen you get at the end of each stage looks like:

You're shown how much energy you have left, how many girls you took out, and number of "Ecstasy Shots" fired. You're rated in such areas as "studies," "exercise," "style," and "eroticism." You're also given a title -- in this case, "Mr. Handsome."

Finally, a few more screens showing the nonsense you'll find in the demo.

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