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Xbox 360's Latest Shooter Arrives in March with Two Retro Shooters Included

Qute's Eschatos offers players some extra value.


Tiny developer/publisher Quite announced today a final release date of March 24 for its Xbox 360 vertical shooting game Eschatos. The game will have a slightly odd price point of ¥6,804.

You'll be getting more than just an original shooter when you buy Eschatos. Qute is also bundling two older shooters: Judgment Silver Sword and Cardinal Sins. The game will also ship with a bonus CD containing selected BGMs, along with unused songs and music from the two other shooters. The musical component in Eschatos is headed up by Super Sweep's Yousuke Yasue.

Coinciding with today's release date announcement, Qute updated the Eschatos official site with a new trailer. You can view it here:

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