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Close Look at the Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection Ultimate Pack

Collectors edition includes a soundtrack and a whole lot more.


The ultimate Final Fantasy IV fan will have a chance to buy the ultimate Final Fantasy IV collection in March. Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection, a PSP compilation of Final Fantasy IV and direct sequel The After Years, arrives in March, and Square Enix is readying a special "Ultimate Pack" for it.

Square Enix provided a close look at the Ultimate Pack today. For ¥9,445, you'll get a copy of the game, an official guide book, a 17 track soundtrack called "Final Fantasy IV The After Years Sounds Plus," and an art book called "Final Fantasy IV Complete Arts.

Of the soundtrack's 17 tracks, Square Enix is letting members of the Square Enix Members fan club select five through a vote. The other 12 have already been set. You can see a track list here. Members can vote for their preferred five tracks here (even non-members may want to access this page, as there are music samples).

Both the Ultimate Pack and standard version of Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection will be available on March 24.

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