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3DS Shanghai Dated

Could this be your first post-launch buy for Nintendo's 3D handheld?


Sunsoft shared a final release date today for its first 3DS title. Shanghai 3D Cube, which saw its debut at last September's Nintendo Conference press event, will arrive one week after the system's launch, on March 3. Pricing is set at ¥3,990.

Shanghai 3D Cube is a new take on the classic Shanghai puzzler. The game offers three modes of play: Cube Mode, VS Mode and Classic Mode.

Cube Mode
Blocks are positioned in various directions in this mode. You'll need to rotate the field using the slide pad to pull blocks from different sides.
Classic Mode
Blocks are arranged in standard form, facing up.
VS mode
A two player competitive mode that's compatible with download play.

Visit the game's official site for a closer look.

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