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3DS Titles Make Playable Debut at World Hobby Fair

Upcoming system goes playable for the masses at Tokyo event.


The semi annual World Hobby Fair usually sees attendance topping 100,000. For Nintendo and the 3DS, this means the potential for even greater exposure than the recent Nintendo World event, which saw total attendance of 26,000 over three days.

For those outside of Tokyo, it could also represent the first playable opportunity with the system. The event kicked off in Osaka last week. Following this weekend's Tokyo installment (which actually took place at the Makuhari Messe, just outside of Tokyo), it will continue to Nagoya next week and Fukuoka the week after.

At the Tokyo installment, Nintendo showed AR Games, Nintendo 3DS Camera, Kid Icarus Uprising, Zelda Ocarina of Time, and Nintendogs + Cats in playable form, and also had a wall showing 3D videos of its games. The two built-in titles were set up on 8 tables, allowing players to sample both over a 12 minute play session as companion girls gave step-by-step instructions. The other games had more traditional kiosks with instruction cards explaining the controls. Each game had 16 kiosks.

3DS appeared to be quite popular. According to Impress Watch, the built-in software commanded waits of 170 minutes. As for the games, Kid Icarus had waits of 50 minutes, Zelda 70 minutes and Nintendogs 55 minutes.

Impress Watch snapped a pic of what looks like a new type of event display for Nintendo. The 3DS internal software demo tables were surrounded in clear circular enclosures.

From Impress Watch.

Similar to the recognizable partitioned kiosks Nintendo uses for Wii demos, perhaps we'll be seeing these when Nintendo places 3DS on demo.

3DS games were also on display in Konami's booth. Joining Winning Eleven 3DSoccer, which saw its playable debut at Nintendo World, Konami also had Pro Baseball Spirits 2011 and Asphalt 3D Nitro Racing playable for the first time. Each game received two kiosks. Waits were 20 minutes for each.

World Hobby Fair was about more than just 3DS, of course. Here's a bit of what was shown based off Impress Watch's report.

Nintendo had one piece of non-3DS content in its booth: a download corner for Super Fossil Fighters. This area of the booth was extremely crowded, according to Impress.

Level-5, always a popular booth at World Hobby Fair, had PSP's Danbol Senki and Wii's Inazuma Eleven Strikers on demo. Strikers was available for play on 9 kiosks, but all tickets to play were gone within an hour of the event's opening. Danbol Senki was playable on 24 units. Level-5 also distributed tickets for this to keep people from having to wait.

Danbol Senki got the most space in the booth. Level-5 prepared an elaborate display, showing the LBX figures that will be released following the game's release. The both also had a large diorama showing a recreation of the game world.

Potential Danbol Senki buyers who did not attend World Hobby Fair may end up missing out on a bonus item. Level-5 was distributing a "Premium Plate" to booth visitors. This contains a "Premium Key Ticket" which can be shown to the retailer when purchasing your game to receive an "LBX Special Weapon" item.

The MVC3 poster.

Capcom had a large number of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd demo units set up. Even though the game is already out and has been purchased by over 4 million people, waits exceeded 100 minutes. Marvel vs Capcom 3 commanded 30 minute waits. Those who sampled the game received a poster.

Sony's booth was focused on PlayStation Move, with games like Furi Furi Sarugetchu!, Gachinko Heroes, Sports Champion and Move de Party available for play. PSP was represented through play kiosks for Monster Hunter Portable 3rd and a demo download area for Patapon 3. The latest PSP hardware was also on display, including Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy's Chaos & Cosmos Limited PSP system, the "Value Pack for Girls" bundle and the upcoming Monster Hunter Portable 3rd New Hunters Pack bundles.

Pokemon did not have any new games, but the booth did serve as the announcement point for name of the 14th Pokemon movie, Victini and the Dark Hero Zekrom, which is due to hit theaters in July. Visitors to the booth were given a clear file showing the movie's main visual. The booth also had a Pokemon Black & White tournament.

Namco Bandai, Takara Tomy and Sega also had booths. Sega was almost entirely focused on Bakugan, with attendees able to sample Bakugan Battle Brawlers DS. The most popular title in Namco Bandai's booth was Taiko Drum Master 3 for Wii. Takara Tomy's booth was focused on girls-oriented amusement machine Pretty Rhythm Mini Skirt.

For pictures from the Tokyo installment of this year's Winter World Hobby Fair, see the following sites:

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