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Final Promise Story Has 400 Hours of Gameplay

Imageepoch CEO enduring marathon debug sessions for PSP RPG.


Ryoei Mikage may be Imageepoch's CEO, but he's not afraid of getting his hands dirty with his company's games. Mikage is personally doing some debugging work on Final Promise Story, the PSP RPG that will serve as Imageepoch's first self published title when it hits on April 28.

Mikage Tweeted earlier today about the amount of work that's going into debugging. It takes over 50 hours to clear the game, said Mikage. However, the game has multiple endings and characters, so your full play time could be much longer. Going through all routes will take you 400 hours.

It looks like Mikage is investing a good amount of time into playing FPS. In a separate Tweet, he said that he and the game's director were playing a marathon play session together. At the time of the Tweet, the session had lasted 11 hours, although they took a nap somewhere in there. After 11 hours of play, they finally began to approach the end of the game's first chapter.

In another Tweet four hours later, Mikage wrote, "The first chapter looks like it's about to end. Hey developers, how much volume is there in Final Promise Story!?"

Mikage's opinion after this lengthy play session was that the game needs some balance adjustments for battle.

If you're curious about Imageepoch's games, you may want to follow Mikage's Twitter. He gives lots of inside details on current titles, and even some hints at upcoming titles. In one Tweet, he wrote that he's working on the design document for a major RPG whose development will start this Spring.

Box art from Final Promise Story.

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