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Rodea the Sky Soldier Trailer

See Yuji Naka's Wii and 3DS flight game in motion. Plus, the latest character details.


Nights and Sonic mastermind Yuji Naka is working on a new flight game for Wii and 3DS. You read the details here last Thursday. You saw the first screens here last Friday.

Now have a look at the game in motion! Publisher Kadokawa Games made available a first trailer for the game today. Have a look here:

The trailer begins with what appears to be the Ion character relieved at having been able to reactivate main character Rodea. She asks, "Can you hear my voice?"

Following a bit of CG, we see the following text: "The 1000 year promise that's told now on this continent in the skies."

Going along with gameplay footage from the Wii version of the game is a theme song credited to Dino.

The trailer reveals Yuji Naka as game designer. He was listed in the original Famitsu interview as executive director. The credits also list Takayuki Nakamura on sound and, as previously announced, Takumi Miyajima on scenario.

At the end of the trailer is the text "I will protect you. That is why I fly."

The game's official site also opened last week with a look at much of what was shared in the Famitsu reveal article and at the subsequent Kadokawa Games press conference.

The site has a few additional character details:

Here's what's said about the three primary cast members.

The tailed fella to the left is Rodea (voiced by Yuichi Nakamura), a flying robotic soldier who was created as part of the R Project. One day, "to protect the promise with that person," he crosses time to fight against the mechanized armies of the Naga Empire

In the middle is Ion (voiced by Kana Hanazawa), a girl who resides in the floating continent of Garuḍa and loves to tinker with robots. She heads out on an adventure to protect Rodea and Garuda. She looks a bit like Princess Cecilia, who saved Garuda 1000 years back.

To the right is Princess Cecelia (voice not listed), a Princess from the ground-based Naga Empire who 1000 years back attempted to give her life for Garuda. A wish from Cecelia marks the start of the story.

... As you can probably see, the story is just a bit confusing in its present state, but things will hopefully be cleared up as Kadokawa Games shares more details in the coming months.

Screens of the Wii version of Rodea, shared last week.

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