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Your Mamorukun Retail Bonus Items

Soon, PS3 owners will know the feeling of getting smutty preorder goodies.


Gal games and shooters are pretty much exclusive to Xbox 360 and PSP, so PS3 owners may not be accustomed to some of the perks (?) that go with them -- namely, smutty retail-separate preorder bonuses. That's going to change on March 31 as PS3 gets a version of shooter Mamorukun wa Nowareteshimatta!.

Here's a sampling of the game's bonus goods:

The one at top is a telephone card. The second one is an A2 bath poster. Both will be included for those who buy at Sofmap. The third one is a tosho card which will be included at Imagine.

Cyber Front also recently shared a promotional video for the game. View it here:

The standard and limited editions.

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