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Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition Has a Secret Game Collaboration

Assistant producer teases collaboration with unspecified game.

New 3D Edition news coming later this week!

Capcom staged a bunch of collaborations for Super Street Fighter IV and its predecessor. Will Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition get some promotions as well?

The answer is yes! Assistant Producer Tomoaki Ayano confirmed at the official SFIV blog last week that a collaboration of some form is on the way for the game.

Ayano didn't share specifics on the collaboration, but did write "What game it will be is a secret." Yes, different from the Chinese restaurant collaborations of past SFIV games, it looks like the 3D Edition collaboration concerns another game.

We'll get details on the collaboration at "a certain game's official site" on the 26th, said Ayano. He noted that this is exactly one month ahead of 3D Edition's release.

This new collaboration sadly won't let us see our favorite World Warriors posing with their favorite Chinese food dishes. (Shown here, artwork from Super SFIV's collaboration.)

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story had a typo that made it look like the collaboration is with another 3DS launch title. There's no indication at present of what game is involved in the collaboration.

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