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This Week's Flying Get: D Style

Square Enix info is leaking out in advance! Read here.

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This week's flying get magazine info is going to be big. I mean pre-TGS level big Why? Because both Dengeki and Famitsu are promising mega Square Enix features this week to follow up on last week's 1st Production Department premier event, so that means we can expect lots and lots of Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Final Fantasy XIII-2, and Kingdom Hearts Dark Drape Duck details.

Since Dengeki and Famitsu leak out on separate days, I'm going to split this week's Flying Get column in to separate D-Style (the D is for Dengeki!) and F-Style (the F is for Famitsu!) versions. Below, you'll find all the Dengeki leaks as they come in. I believe both Dengeki Games and Dengeki PlayStation are being released this week, so there may be updates to this story over the next couple of days.

As always, the info you read here is usually summarized from blogs and message boards and hasn't been verified. Also, even though the sources are usually accurate, what you read here are usually summaries of summaries, so something may be lost along the way.

Check back throughout the next couple of days for updates! (Although I should warn you that Dengeki leaks are usually petty sparse, so don't check back too often.)

ADDED 1/25 13:39

A Few Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy Bits

Dengeki's report on Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy has some details on how the story for the original Dissidia will be incorporated into the new game. You'll recall that the original's story, referred to as 13, is included in Duodecim, whose story is referred to as 12.

Yuna in Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy.

12's story is played in a set order. Once you've cleared it, you'll gain access to 13. You're free to play 13 in whatever order you like. The story of 13 exists as a section of a dungeon in Duodecim.

(Try not to be confused -- the sequel's story is the lower number! The 12 and 13 refer to the number of the battle between Chaos and Cosmos. Consult your favorite Wiki for more details.)

Dengeki also has a few details on the game's quest creation system. As previously detailed, you can create original quests, which can be sent out to other players. By making use of character icons, you'll be able to create mini stories for these quests. You can also create event scenes.

It looks like the official site will be distributing quests too. The summaries of Dengeki's story don't mention anything about the downloadable music and costumes that Dengeki Games mentioned (see below.)

Nomura is interviewed in the magazine and says that they'll be adding stuff until the very limit. He jokes that if they make another Dissidia, they'll have to change the hardware.

Persona Team is in RPG Mode

So says someone on the Persona team staff.

ADDED 1/25 12:33

This is unfortunately not a new version of Suikoden

One of Irem's 2010 April Fool's Day joke titles is getting an actual game on the PSP. Dengeki reveals this week that Doki Doki Suikoden is set for PSP release on UMD and in download form. The game will arrive in -- you guessed it -- April.

If you were paying attention to last year's April Fool's Day pranks (I did a summary here but somehow forgot to include this one!), you'll recall Doki Doki Suikoden as a fake game that parodies both love sims and Konami's RPG series Suikoden. The April Fool's Day joke promised the largest number of heroines in love sim history -- 108 characters, like in Suikoden.

The screens you see below are from the April Fool's Day joke. Yes, Irem spends more time on its joke games than it does its real games. (I kid, I kid -- Disaster Report is sweet!)

Squenix Details: Round 5

Dengeki's Final Fantasy Type-0 (formerly Agito XIII) report this week spans four pages along with a one page interview with Yoshinori Kitase and Motomu Toriyama.

Here's a bit of what's leaked out from the interview:

  • The keyword for the battle system is "Magic in Action." While you have weapons, magic is main.
  • A main concept is "It's not necessary for everyone to gather." The game has a multiplayer system that can be enjoyed by solo players too.
  • You can join other players' games for three minutes. While you can extend this, Type-0 is not the type of game where you play together with other players continuously.
  • The game will have 12+2 main characters. This means that in addition to the 12 main characters, there will be two characters, Makina and Rem, in a different framework (I'm not sure what that means). These 12+2 characters will be your controllable party.
  • You can have up to three characters out in battle simultaneously. Once someone dies, other members will come out to help.
  • Until you come to the battle field, you move around the world map and execute a strategy.
  • As you play on your own, other players will gradually take part in the battle.
  • When you help other players, you earn points.
  • In general, your full party heads to the battle field together.

The actual interview and article are hopefully a bit clearer about the battle system than the message board summary off which the above is based.

Final Fantasy Type-0's battle system is full of mystery!

PlayStation Meeting Info

... nope, none of that here either! Like Dengeki Games, Dengeki PlayStation doesn't have any details from Sony's Thursday press conference. Nikkei leaks aside, we're going to probably have to wait until Thursday for details on PSP2 and whatever else Sony has cooking.

ADDED 1/25 12:11

Squenix Details: Round 4

Dengeki PlayStation has a two page spread on final Fantasy XIII-2 this week, complete with a one page interview with producer Yoshinori Kitase and director Motomu Toriyama. Here's a bit of what they say:

  • XIII-2's story begins in Gran Pulse after the ending of XIII.
  • The story will feel like it expands out from the after story that was included in the booklet with Xbox 360's Final Fantasy XIII International.
  • Outside of Lightning, other characters will appear in the game in unexpected forms. Some will see major changes.
  • XIII-2 is a full sequel. You'll learn some of the things that took place in the background scenes of XIII.
  • The story will be more dark and mysterious than XIII's.
  • The story will focus on the goddess Etro.
  • The game will not have the pop feel of Final Fantasy X-2 (I think this means no dancing Lightning booooo)
  • The battle system will be an evolved form of XIII's ATB system.
  • They're listening to opinions both inside and outside of Square Enix and from outside of Japan regarding characters, story and interface.
  • There may be a difficulty setting.
Dengeki's report seems to confirm that XIII-2 is not a prequel.

ADDED 1/25 11:56

Squenix Details: Round 3

Here are some more Versus XIII details from Dengeki's feature and its interview with Tetsuya Nomura. Included are some comments from Nomura indicating that we shouldn't expect the game this year:

  • Main character Noctis is not "cool." He's just a normal youth. He feels "I am strong," but he's not as strong as he thinks.
  • Some segments of the trailer show natural landscapes. These are like the fields you encounter in other games. The game will have time progression: morning, afternoon, evening and night.
  • Contrary to some theories, the dragon rider character who appears in the trailer is not heroine Stella. Nomura says he wouldn't show Stella in such a state. The character you see in that sequence is an enemy.
  • You can steal army vehicles for your use. You can ride air ships, cars and Chocobos.
  • The blonde character shown in the trailer is Noctis's friend. The other two characters are friends from Noctis's childhood. The person with glasses is like Noctis's tactician.
  • You'll recall that someone in the trailer says "You're not fit to be king," or something to that effect. This statement is not directed at Noctis. (I think everyone assumed it was!)
  • Nomura says something along the lines of: This year, we have Type-0 and XIII-2, so please forget about Versus for a while. He asked that people be patient and understand that they're trying to do something incredible.
  • At the earliest, we could see more from Versus XIII at E3.

ADDED 1/25 11:25

Squenix Details: Round 2

The Dengeki Games Square Enix coverage that leaked out yesterday disappointed, but sister publication Dengeki PlayStation more than makes up for it! The magazine has four pages on Final Fantasy Versus XIII, two pages on Final Fantasy XIII-2 and four pages on Final Fantasy Type-0. These blowouts are accompanied by interviews with Tetsuya Nomura, Yoshinori Kitase and Motomu Toriyama.

A few Versus battle system details have leaked out first:

  • The actual battle screen in the final game will show character names.
  • Some areas regarding how the battle screen shows commands will probably change for the final.
  • Magic has different effects depending on the character who uses it.
  • A young blonde male character shown in the magazine's screenshots is good with guns. He alone has aiming controls and can aim for enemy weak spots.
  • When other characters use guns, they have just a normal lock-on.
  • The game has a large number of weapons. Main character Noctis can use them all.
  • Your battle party can have up to three members. However, the members who aren't taking part in the battle will join in on conversations.
  • There are more party members than the four shown in the magazine. However, the game doesn't have a massive number of party members.
One day we will get new screenshots for Final Fantasy Versus XIII. But today, you're going to have to live with Tokyo Game Show 2009 screens.

ADDED 15:01

Squenix Details: Round 1

Regarding the Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer that you won't be able to legally watch until Thursday, the suited man who was sitting down in what looked like a throne is main character Noctis's father. He's the king of the only nation in the world that hast crystals. (I think all this was known before...).

Regarding Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy, Square Enix plans on offering costumes and Final Fantasy series music as download content.

Phantasy Star Online Details Coming in April

Dengeki Games has what looks like an interview regarding Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity.

One point mentioned in the interview is that the staff wanted to make Infinity instead of 3 because making 3 would have seen some major changes for the game world.

The interview also reveals that Phantasy Star Online 2 (PC) is far along in development. We can expect an announcement of some form in April. The last we heard of the game was back at TGS.

PlayStation Meeting Info

... nope, you won't find any of that in Dengeki Games! It looks like Sony has kept Dengeki out of the loop on whatever it will be announcing.

Our First Marvel vs Capcom 3 Review

Dengeki Games has given Marvel vs Capcom 3 the following score: 80 for battle, 85 for graphics, 85 for character and 80 for system. I have no idea what "system" is if they have a separate category for "battle." Maybe loading times and menus and such?

Xbox 360 fantasy dungeon RPG Students of Round scored 75 for system, 70 for graphics, 85 for character and 80 for music. No battle score?

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