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The Last Story: A Tour of Ruli City

Director Hironobu Sakaguchi shows us the game's main location and reveals his fascination with cats, meat and signs.


The third and final "Demonstration" video for The Last Story arrived today at the game's official site. Access this page for a demonstration of The Last Story's primary location courtesy of director Hironobu Sakaguchi.

Here's a bit of what's going on. Nintendo's video player doesn't have the time marked, so I included images instead:

1. While selecting the save file, Sakaguchi notes that the game's title screen will change as you progress through the story.

2. He first begins in the Central Plaza area.

3. He explains the Z Seek feature by showing Elza focus on a character on a roof who's trying to find someone named Mari. (Details on the seek feature here).

4. You can sit down on the seats around town, Sakaguchi notes. "That's it," he jokes, although he adds that there are some places where sitting down will lead to events.

5. Next, Sakaguchi runs to the back of a building and climbs a ladder. He's going to the top of the roof where the person who's searching for Mari was standing. The person asks Elza to find Mari. Sakaguchi selects yes, and the person says that the fortune teller in the Central Plaza area can provide a hint.

7. You'll notice some text that appears on the screen randomly. This seems to be people shouting out things from around Elza. One merchant shouts that they're selling sugar for 222G and says to look for the red flag to find the shop.

8. Instead of carrying out the Mari quest, Sakaguchi decides to go somewhere else. Along the way, he notes that you'll find items in the back alleys.

9. As he walks around, he takes note of the signs and how people will bump into them. You can do the same.

10. He goes into the "Bullet Shop" and buys a "prank banana item."

11. He goes to a place where everyone is eating and speaks to a waitress who complains about the patrons. Elza then uses the banana to make the patrons slip over. In return, you get... wheat?

12. Sakaguchi brings up the map screen. When in town, in addition to directly walking from point to point, you can select a location from the map to jump there instantly.

13. He selects to go to the merchant area.

14. At one of the shops in the merchant area, he explains how you can sell items to make profit.

15. Sakaguchi gets strangely excited about chickens, cats, signs and people cooking meat. Throughout the video, he keeps on pointing out these little details. (I remember during a Lost Odyssey press conference years ago he did the same thing!)

16. Elza goes behind one of the shops and the shop keep has him take over sales duties. If you go into Z viewing and stare at people, the pointer icon will sometimes become red. You can call these people over to the shop and actually sell stuff to them, at marked up prices, it seems.

17. Next, he goes the canal area

18. Next, he transports back to the Central Plaza area, and enters Ruli Castle. The castle is also very expansive, Sakaguchi says. It's so big that, similar to the town area, you can select locations from a map to warp to if you don't want to walk.

19. He warps to a garden area, one area he particularly likes. Here, he ends up passing by General Trista, one of the main characters, who's just standing around saying things.

20. He returns to the main hall, then heads back into town.

21. There are lots of small alleyways in town, he says, and you'll find some strange people. The person Elza speaks to says that he was a dragon in his last life.

22. While running through some tiny alleys, Sakaguchi explains the consecutive seek system. (Details here).

23. Next, Sakaguchi spots someone on a bridge in the distance. He runs there, and find sthe person to be a character named Rotta. Rotta will upgrade your weapons for you. Sakaguchi explains some skill details. (Details here).

24. Rotta also gives you an optional quest -- help him find his wife, who's gone missing. Sakaguchi says no.

25. Sakaguchi shows how you can revisit dungeons that you've previously cleared. They're shown in orange on your map. After selecting the dungeon, you select your party members, then head out to the dungeon.

By revisiting already cleared dungeons, you can get more money and collect items, but your experience will not rise. Sakaguchi uses this little dungeon trip to show the game's stealth component.

26. Rather than continuing on with the dungeon, he opens the "Retry" option fro the menu and selects an option to leave the dungeon (you can also select to return to the title screen and restart from the past save point).

27. Next, Sakaguchi returns to Rotta and accepts the quest. The quest starts.

The demonstration ends with this brief dungeon section.

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