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Dynasty Warriors 7 Screens: EX Attacks and New Generals

Media for four EX attacks and three generals.


Tecmo Koei's latest media blast for Dynasty Warriors 7 has a look at a few EX Attacks and three generals.

EX Attacks are unleashed when you equip your character with his or her weapon of choice and input a special command. Below, you'll find the attacks for Hoshiaya, Zhou Yu, Sima Zhao and Xiahou Dun.

The latest generals include Zhuge Liang, Liu Bei and Liu Shan.

Japanese readers will find textual details on these moves and characters at 4Gamer

Xiahou Dun EX Attack

Sima Zhao EX Attack

Zhou Yu EX Attack

Hoshiaya EX Attack

Zhuge Liang

Liu Bei

Liu Shan

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