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Catherine is Dengeki Games' Cover Girl

You'll have to explain to the cute Tsutaya clerk that it's just a video game magazine.


Guess who gets the cover honors on this month's Dengeki Games? It's none other than February's hottest new video game character, Catherine, from Catherine!

For her magazine cover debut (at least I think this is the first time she's been on a cover), Atlus has chosen to highlight a different area of the character:

The big white text says "Catherine and Games For Adults."

As you might have seen in this week's Flying Get column, Dengeki Games has a feature this month on Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Type-0, XIII-2 and the other games that were shown at Square Enix's recent fan event. Sadly, it looks like there's no new info, so we're going to have to wait for Famitsu and Dengeki PlayStation later in the week.

As for Catherine, a demo is due for release on Thursday.

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