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PlayStation Meeting: Now We Know the Time

Tune in at 15:00 on Thursday for PlayStation news.

A supposed PSP2 image that just popped up. Is it real? We'll find out in a couple of days!

We knew the date: January 27. We (probably) knew the name: PlayStation Meeting 2011. And now we know the time too. Sony will hold the event that is expected to see the unveiling of the PlayStation Portable 2 on January 27 at around 15:00 or so.

A Tweet from Nikkei Trendy reveals the start time. Nikkei Trendy says that it plans on live blogging from the event. They tend to be more business focused, posting just a few updates here and here (based off their live blog of last September's Nintendo Conference, at least), so hopefully the likes of Famitsu and 4Gamer will be there too for some real as-it-happens coverage.

The Nikkei Tweet doesn't say what will be shown at the event. In fact, it won't even confirm that PSP2 will be shown.

Of course, sister newspaper Nihon Keizai Shimbun was responsible for leaks about 3G support and an OLED screen for the PSP2, so it's a safe bet that we will see this. But considering that this is a "PlayStation Meeting," perhaps we can expect PS3 details as well?

As with last week's Square Enix 1st Production something conference, I'll probably live blog the live blogs, so check back on Thursday afternoon for coverage!

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