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Gal Gun Team Originally Told to Make Side Scrolling Action Game

Development staff shares development secrets and discusses overseas version and Kinect support.


Gal Gun is... a lot of things. But it's definitely not a side scrolling action game.

Surprisingly, the game began development when the staff at Inti Creates (yes, the folks behind the Mega Man Zero and ZX games) was told from their superiors to come up with a new idea for a side scrolling action game.

In an impossibly long six page interview at Dengeki Online, designer Masanori Ito (he's the guy with the artwork covering his face), Inti Creates development head Satoru Narita and Alchemist producer Shigeru Nakagawa shared some secrets about the upcoming pheromone shooting game.

Init Create had its development staff form teams of three to submit an idea for a multiplayer 2D side scrolling action game. Separate from his team, Ito came up with the Gal Gun idea and presented it. The idea was well received by the staff. However, as Narita explained, although the concept was easy to understand, no one actually expected the game to actually get made. That's when Inti Creates vice president Yoshihisa Tsuda stepped in and voiced support for the project, leading to its actual start.

If Gal Gun ever takes off you can refer to Ito as the "Father of Gal Gun," similar to how you refer to Shigeru Miyamoto as the "Father of Mario." Ito came up with the base idea and also worked on scenario and gal design ("gal" is what they call the game's girls).

The basic gameplay concept of rail gun shooting where you blast girls who come at you was in place all along for the game. However, there were some major differences. You originally created and customized heroines, a concept that Narita said was a bit on the more hardcore side of things. Also, the game originally didn't have a scenario -- it was going to originally just be a pure shooting game. This changed once publisher Alchemist got involved with the project.

Ito's idea for having you blast away at girls came from the rail shooters you see in arcades. He found himself thinking, "wouldn't it be neat if the enemies were girls, and they game at you?"

While Gal Gun is coming out exclusively on Xbox 360, Narita said that the staff originally looked at all hardware. Contributing to the decision to go with the Xbox 360 were the pairing with Alchemist, the girl subject matter, and the shooting market.

One of the big complaints players have about the game is that it's not Kinect-compatible even though it looks like it would be perfect for the device. Nakagawa told Dengeki that they'd add Kinect support if the game sells 1 million units worldwide.

Worldwide? Does Alchemist actually hope to give the game a worldwide release? It looks like they have plans in place for just that! The overseas title will be "Japanese MOE Galaxy," according to Nakagawa. I'm not sure if he's serious.

Gal Gun, or Japanese Moe Galaxy, sees release on 1/27. A demo is available now for Xbox Live Gold members.

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