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January 27 May Be the Most Amazing Day in the History of Games

Ten things that will require that you take the day off.

Your life will change on January 27.

On Thursday, January 27, you will be able to do the following, listed in no particular order:

1. Watch all the PlayStation Meeting 2011 coverage to see if Sony has finally figured out that modern portable devices really do need a touch screen.

2. Download the Catherine demo and see if it really is a puzzle action game.

3. Buy The Last Story and see if it actually has a tiger.

4. Buy Valkyria Chronicles 3 once you've accepted that it's not on PlayStation 3 and the next one will probably be on PSP2.

5. Download the Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer so that you can count the pixels along with everyone else.

6. Use Konami's version of Scribblenauts to learn Japanese.

7. Buy Kenka Bancho 5 and take care of a little puppy ala Shenmue's kitten

8. Buy Dream Club Zero and possibly get arrested

9. Buy Gal Gun and possibly get arrested

10. Buy My Little Sister and totally get arrested

What will you be doing on January 27?

Where are you, Last Story tiger? Where are you!!!???

[Seen at Hachimaki]

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