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Naruto 3DS Hits on March 31

The system's first big anime game (that doesn't have giant mechs).


Takara Tomy will be releasing 3DS's first Naruto game on March 31, Famitsu.com reports today. Fully titled Naruto Shippuuden Shinobi Rittai Emaki! Saikyou Ninkai Kessen!!, the game will be priced ¥5,040.

It seems Famitsu picked up on this bit at Toy Forum 2011, a toy industry trade event that was held today at the Tokyo International Forum (the game's official site also has the date). Takara Tomy had the first playable build of the game on display there.

According to Famitsu's brief report, the game's basic gameplay is side scrolling action. However, during the cut-in scenes that accompany special moves, you'll see some 3D effects. In one example, Naruto runs from the background to the foreground.

The Famitsu article also has a general look at the toy event, complete with pics of some unique toys. For more, see the original article.

You can keep track of all the 3DS's upcoming releases in the Andriasang.com release calendar.

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