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Gal Gun Sengoku Maid Outfits and Swimwear Arrive Today

Alchemist kicks off download content for pheromone shooter.


Alchemist isn't waiting long to start Gal Gun's download content. Simultaneous with the oddly themed rail shooter's release today, Alchemist will release three pieces of paid content.

First up is the previously revealed "Under Water Mode," which gives the girls swimwear and goggles and moves the action under water. This mode will cost you 800 Microsoft Points.

Also arriving today is the newly announced "Sengoku Maid Cafe & Bar Mononopu Maid Clothing Set." This set gives the girls maid outfits and an item that turns the love letters the girls attempt to give you into trays of Omurice. The costumes and items are part of a collaboration with an Akihabara maid cafe called Sengoku Maid Cafe & Bar Mononopu, which is currently hosting in-shop demos for Gal Gun.

This set will cost you 400 MSP.

Alchemist will also be making available icons to give your Xbox Live Dashboard a taste of Gal Gun. Icon Pack 01 includes icons for the game's four main heroines and the Patako character who accidentally turns the game's main character into a stud with her cupid arrow. The icon pack runs 80 MSP.

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