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This Week's Flying Get: F Style

New title from Platinum Games, and Versus, XIII-2 and Kingdom Hearts details (Updated 13:30)


Welcome to phase two of this week's Flying Get columns, Flying Get F. The F is for Famitsu, because that's where all the info you see here is leaking out of. You can see Flying Get D Edition here for some info that leaked out of Dengeki yesterday.

Before reading, keep in mind that most of what's written below hasn't been verified and is being summarized from Japanese message board and blog posts. There could be some errors or false reports, so be sure and check the main site for more formal writeups once we have the magazine for ourselves later in the day.

We'll be updating as new info comes in, so be sure and check back!

ADDED 13:30

A couple of Max Anarchy Bits

Just a couple of additional bits about Max Anarchy from Famitsu's reveal article:

  • The game will have a story mode.
  • While the game make look like Spikeout, the gameplay will be different (I wonder if the Inaba interview actually mentions Spikeout...)
  • There will be a cooperative element to the gameplay
80 to 90%!

Two Big Capcom Games for 2011

Capcom's Jun Takeuchi, the big man on campus now that Inafune is gone, is interviewed in Famitsu this week. He says that Capcom has two large scale unannounced original titles that are on the way for 2011 release. Both will surprise you, and both will be announced by Summer. (I'm going to guess that means E3?)

Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition uses 80 to 90% of the 3DS's capabilities, according to Takuechi.

(Note that I used the word "capabilities" instead of "power." He's probably just talking about the various features the system offers.)

Now that you know what Takeuchi thinks about 3DS, click here to find out what Takeuchi thinks about Japan's Earthquake Early Warning alert system.

ADDED 13:15

Tetsuya Nomura on Other Stuff

You've read what Tetsuya Nomura had to say in Famitsu about Versus XIII below. The summaries that have popped up for his comments on Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Kingdom Hearts 3D (I don't remember what the Ds stand for) are much shorter.

Kingdom Hearts 3D.

Regarding Kingdom Hearts, it was previously revealed that you'll switch off between Sora and Riku. Nomura says that the switch between the characters will be forced upon you, and they'll be sudden. For example, during battle and when walking around in town, you'll suddenly switch.

He also mentions what we've heard before: the game will have new Disney Worlds, and the game has the key word of "drop," as in something falling. He also says that the 3DS 3D effect is more about going into the screen than things popping out, and they'll be making use of this.

Kingdom Hearts 3D is currently not at the point where they can discuss a release date, said Nomura.

Regarding Final Fantasy XIII-2, Nomura reveals that the key world in the game will be different from the world of Final Fantasy XIII. However, FFXIII's world will also appear in the game.

Nomura also tells Famitsu that he's working on games that weren't announced at the Premier event. No kidding!?

ADDED 12:53

Tetsuya Nomura Talks Final Fantasy Versus XIII With Famitsu

Following his interview in Dengeki, here's what Nomura had to say about Final Fantasy Versus XIII to Famitsu. It looks like a good amount of the info was replicated from Dengeki, so you may want to read our summary of that interview first. I've left out what was already known.

  • Your characters in Versus will not have jobs. However, your enemies will include dragon knights (or dragoons if you prefer) and summoners.
  • There is a summoning element to the game.
  • Your weapon selection will include: swords, axes, spears/lances, hand guns, machine guns, rifles, bazookas, and shot guns. This is just a partial list, though.
  • The Ignis character (the guy with the glasses) is good with assist-style attacks. He can toss knives at enemies. (Note: I'm not sure if Nomura actually uses the Ignis name, or if it's just the person who wrote the summary.)
  • The character with the scar on his face uses a fighting style. He can make use of a pile bunker and broad sword.
  • The blonde character is a gunner
  • The game will have positional damage elements for attacking enemies.
  • Larger enemies will have weak points.
  • The game does not have team attacks for your party members. Repeat: does not.
  • You can combo your attacks across character changes -- that is, you can keep your combo going when you switch the character you're currently controlling. As an example, you can make the scarfaced character do positional damage with his hammer, then switch to Ignis, or you can make the enemy shrink away in fear from Ignis's magic then call in another character to attack.
  • You can bring party members back to life if they die. The exception is Noctis. If he dies, the game ends
  • The difficulty is being set towards the high end.
This caption will not contain a complaint about the lack of Final Fantasy Versus XIII screenshots.

ADDED 12:36

New From Platinum: Max Anarchy

Bayonetta and Vanquish creator Platinum Games is working on a new online combat game called Max Arena. In development for PS3 and Xbox 360, the game will see simultaneous worldwide release this Fall.

In an interview with Famitsu, producer Atsushi Inaba says that the game will have the feel of a fighting game. You'll be in a fight against all other players, and you'll feel like you can at anytime get suddenly struck from behind.

Based off the early descriptions, it seems like the game will have a lot of players, although I'm not going to use the the word "massively multiplayer" until I've seen the interview to see if Inaba actually gives a player count. He does say that synching up all the players online is difficult.

Jack from Platinum's violent Wii title Mad World will appear in the game. He has nothing to do with the game in terms of story or world view, but he seemed to fit perfectly according to Inaba.

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