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Super Street Fighter IV Collaborates with Monster Hunter

Dress like Chun-Li and Ryu to hunt monsters in Frontier.


Capcom promised for today the announcement of a collaboration between Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition and a mystery game. As many guessed, the collaboration ended up being with Monster Hunter.

Monster Hunter Frontier Online, to be specific. Visit the MHF official site and you'll see some collaborative costumes that will appear in MHF as part of the "Monster Hunter Frontier Online Super Street Fighter IV Kit." This will be sold starting tomorrow at ¥1,000 on the PC and 660 Microsoft Points on the Xbox 360.

The Super SFIV official blog said earlier this week that the new collaboration would be to commemorate the release of 3D Edition. Apparently that didn't necessarily mean that it would have anything to do with 3D Edition, as this looks like just a general Super SFIV tie-up.

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