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Capcom Head of Development Promises Major Original Titles for 2011

Publisher has unannounced titles that will surprise players.

Jun Takeuchi.

Famitsu has an interview this week with Capcom's Jun Takeuchi, now the head honcho at the Osaka game giant's development labs. In the interview, Takeuchi looked back at 2010, and more intriguingly shared a few insights about what we can expect in 2011.

Of particular note is the revelation that Capcom has what appears to be at least two big original unannounced titles coming this year.

"We have titles for 2011 that have yet to be announced," said Takauchi. He added that they're original games, and they're large scale titles. He promised that Capcom would be surprising people at least twice by the Summer, so it looks like he's referring specifically to two titles.

Also in the interview, Takeuchi discussed one of Capcom's known 2011 titles, 3DS's Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition. This is launching with the 3DS on 2/26. "In most cases, launch titles until now have used around 50% of the capabilities of the system," said Takeuchi. "This time, we're suddenly using up 80 to 90%." He boasted that the game's graphics are so good that they will make you ask "what is the difference between a portable game machine and a console!?".

Takeuchi also shared his general opinion of the 3DS hardware. He believes the 3DS to be a system that can do amazing things for those who understand how to use it and are inventive. He also feels that the system is capable of some incredible things from the graphics side. As with many developers, he cited Hideo Kojima's Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater demo as an example.

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