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Aerith and More at the Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy Site

The latest characters, screens and costume details.


The 1st Production Department Premier event trailer for Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy made it out to the game's official site yesterday. In case you missed it in the trailer story we posted, stream it here:

The site refers to this as the "final trailer." There are still characters waiting to be revealed, so the term "final" is hopefully used in a different sense here.

The official site also saw a number of other updates yesterday.

First up, here's a look at Final Fantasy VII's Aerith assisting Cloud in a fight against Sephiroth. Aerith will appear in Duodecim as an assist character, but only for those who download the ¥300 Prologus demo (now available).

Aerith is such a sweet girl that she doesn't have any means of physically attacking the enemy. To see how the development staff worked the character into Duodecim, see this story

The screenshot appears in the DLC->Prologus section of the site along with a couple of newly added Japanese language tutorials for beginner and advanced players.

The site's character section has sections for the Final Fantasy II pair of Frionel and Emperor, both returning from the original Dissidia. Cain's page was updated with a video of his Pride of Dragoon EX Bust attack.

Firion's Third Form costume is based off his original Yoshitaka Amano drawing. Emperor's Third Form is from the movie scenes in the PlayStation version of FFII. Both are shown above.

The character page is getting full, but there are still more characters waiting to be unveiled.

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