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First Look: Akiba's Trip

Face off against vampires on the streets of Akihabara in this new PSP title from the makers of Way of the Samurai.


The headline is maybe a bit misleading. Famitsu.com had a first look at Acquire's new vampire underwear Akihabara simulator Akiba's Trip last week. But this is the first time Acquire has sent out media to the general press.

Brought to us from the team that created the Way of the Samurai series, Akiba's Trip is set in Tokyo's electronics capital of Akihabara. You play as an 18-year-old prep school student who finds himself caught up in a fight against a breed of vampire known as the Kageyashi.

As the story begins, our unnamed hero heads to Akihabara in search of his friend, who went missing while pursuing the mysteries of the Kaguyashi. There, he comes under attack by the Kageyashi, who happen to look just like humans. Coming to his aid is Rui Fumizuki (voiced by Yoko Hikasa), a bishojo with thin, long legs, clear white skin, and an apparent aversion to laughter.

To the left, the main character finds himself imprisoned. To the right, an unannounced character.

Joining the Rui and the main character in the fight against the Kageyashi will be a couple of citizens protection groups: the NIRO and Vigilante Group. NRIO hunt after the Kaguyashi. Vigilante Group seeks out missing persons.

A main attraction for Akiba's Trip is that it uses real names and places from Akihabara. Anyone who's visited the electronics capital will recognize shops like T-Zone, and Laox.

The game is also said to recreate the look of people one might encounter in Akihabara. You're going to have to guess for yourself what that might mean, but screenshots do show girls in maid outfits and other quirky character types.

Akiba's Trip also has a cosplay component, explaining why the main character looks so different in this pair of screens.

It was previously unclear what you'd be doing in Akiba's Trip aside from walking the streets of Akihabara, but now it does look like the game will have a combat component. You'll be able to deal positional damage to your Kageyashi foes, and can make use of weapons and combo moves.

The Kageyashi can't be defeated so simply, though, as they're capable of reviving themselves. To kill them off for good, you'll need to make use of their weak point, sunlight. Specifics on how this will work have yet to be announced.

The game's combat system is a mystery at this point.

The game will also have a cosplay component. The main character is into "secret cosplay." You'll be able to change into a variety of clothing as you play. You can see a few costume options in the screens.

We should know a lot more about Akiba's Trip shortly, as a movie is due to hit the official site later today.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story erroneously listed Spike as the publisher of Akiba's Trip. The game is actually being published by Acquire itself as the studio's second fully-independent project.

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