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Meet Miles Edgeworth at Tsutaya

Ace Attorney Investigations 2 being promoted through life-size replica of main character.


Your attempts at meeting Ace Attorney Investigations hero Miles Edgeworth in the flesh have been thwarted by one small problem: he's not real. Well, here's as close as you're going to get!

Capcom will be promoting the February 3 relaese of Ace Attorney Investigations 2 by placing a life-size recreation of the character at the popular Tsutaya retailer in Shibuya. The character will be on the shop's video game floor from today through launch day. You won't be able to probably shouldn't talk to him, but perhaps you can sneak in a photo when the staff isn't looking.

If you attended Tokyo Game Show, you'll have already seen this figure, as Capcom had it on display in its booth. The figure was created by Capcom staff members, who clearly have other employment options if Capcom goes bust.

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