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The 3rd Birthday: 80,000 Shower Scenes Watched

And as you watch Aya take a shower, Square Enix watches you.


Square Enix announced today that The 3rd Birthday's much hyped shower scene has been viewed 80,000 times.

I was impressed upon hearing this... but then I learned that just one of the YouTube versions has been watched over 100,000 times.

You can add to the YouTube total by viewing the shower scene here:

Are you a bit creeped out that Square Enix can tell who's unlocked the steamy movie scene? This bit of spying comes via the game's connectivity with Square Enix Members. By selecting [EXTRA]->[SQUARE ENIX MEMBERS] from the game's menu, you can link up with your Square Enix Members account and beam your data over to Square Enix. Through this, they can get all sorts of stats. about your play experience.

The shower scene can be viewed once each time you clear certain conditions, like clearing missions and such. It's also possible to gain unlimited access through some special conditions.

Alternatively, you can just watch it now via YouTube.

Square Enix will be using the Square Enix Members connectivity for a couple of campaigns. From 1/28 to 2/10, players who cross the 1,000 kill mark of the game's Twisted enemies will receive a special "CTI Investigator" title. Additionally, should the total number of Twisted killed across all players cross the 100 million mark over the period, all participants will receive Aya Brea's "Armor Night" costume.

In other The 3rd Birthday news, Famitsu asked director Hajime Tabata and producer Yoshinori Kitase about the possibility of a sequel in a recent interview about Final Fantasy Type-0. Replied Tabata, "The game has been well received by players, and there are many asking for that. While working to build Type-0 into a full game, I await the chance." Kitase said, "Our CEO is interested in it. If given the chance, I'd definitely like to make it."

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