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Nintendo Details 3DS Update Plans

eShop and system transfers for DSi Ware and 3DS software on the way post launch.


Nintendo shared today some of its post-release plans for the 3DS. The details came from CEO Satoru Iwata during an earnings briefing.

In May, Nintendo will give the system its first firmware update. This will add the following functionality: eShop, internet browser, and the ability to transfer DSi download titles to the 3DS.

The eShop, referred to officially as "Nintendo eShop," will have software sales and video and demo downloads.

Iwata noted that past "shopping channels" for the Wii and DSi were based off browser technology, and thus had issues with slow screen switches and control latency. Also problematic on Wii was that the Wii Shopping Channel and the Everyone's Nintendo Channel were separate, meaning sales and promotions were separate. The 3DS fixes both of these areas, making the electronic browsing experience more pleasant. Nintendo's goal was to create a space that would make players want to visit even if they don't have a specific need -- a "place that's fun to window shop," he said.

You'll be able to purchase Virtual Console, Nintendo DSi Ware, and Nintendo 3DS specific titles from the shop. Among the categories of software that fall under the 3DS specific field are "3D Classics," classic titles updated to output in 3D. This is something that Nintendo announced at last year's E3.

The e-Shop will also offer a free 3D video player for download. This will be required in order to view free 3D videos from Fuji TV and Nippon TV that will be distributed daily via Spot Pass. The video downloads were announced last September, but Nintendo has yet to share specifics on what kind of content will be offered.

Regarding 3DS software transfers for currently owned DSi Ware games, this will make use of the e-Shop. Iwata said that Nintendo wanted to have it in place from the 3DS launch, but because it uses the shop, it had to wait. He did not explain the exact procedure for transferring the games.

In the future, 3DS will also allow you to transfer your e-Shop purchases from one 3DS to another, in the event that you decide to buy a new 3DS system, for instance. The number of transfers will be limited, said Iwata. This functionality will be available through a future update for the e-Shop.

Future firmware updates will also bring automatic updates and automatic software downloads via Spot Pass, Iwata revealed during the briefing.

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